Hiking Torrey Pines


This past weekend we hiked Torrey Pines, right on the cliffs above the shoreline! We've been talking about doing this hike for, well, years. A few years ago we got wrong directions, attempted to climb this hike, climbed something completely different, and ended up lifting the dog we brought over a school fence in order to get back to the car. We also saw a baby snake! It was quite memorable to say the least. Torrey Pines is quickly becoming one of my favorite beaches. It's never too busy, has a stunning coastline, and parking is plentiful.



  1. Ooo I love Torrey Pines! When I lived in Oceanside I used to go over that way a lot because it's just so beautiful!! I definitely need to make another trip down there soon! Great pictures!!

  2. so basically i am the worst san diegan because i have never done this.

  3. I soooo need to do this!!! I want to do that and Cowles Mountain. It's such a fun and challenging way to get some exercise in. Glad you finally did it!


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