Do you Give a Cup?

I'm teaming up with Peet's Coffee today to bring you some of the things I "Give a Cup" about. Side note, isn't the "Give a Cup" slogan seriously BRILLIANT!? I like what their marketing team has done with this campaign. And I love coffee. Peet's is delicious and a household brand name that deserves the hype it gets in my opinion. Anyhow, there are plenty of things I give a cup about...mostly the finer things in life. (Insert wink face here).

I looooove a good beer. Can you tell!? I'm a craft beer/good beer snob.

Fitness is important and I wish I was better at keeping a routine. These sweet kicks make it a lot easier to hit the pavement though!

Animal friends, especially the cats. I'm a dignified cat lady. Before being a cat lady was cool.

Pampering yourself sometimes is so important!

My boyfriend, family, and friends are the light in my life and make even the small, ordinary things seem lovely.

What do you give a cup about? 

You can also vote on things you give a cup about here. For example, I voted on hot dogs, because I definitely give a cup about those. Especially if they're from the ballpark.

Image and value provided by our partner, Peet's


  1. We original cat ladies have to stick together!

  2. I love craft beer! And I totally agree with pampering yourself! Oh, and I'm a cat lady too :)

  3. I definitely give a cup about cats. I've been a cat lady for 23 years. High fives for cat ladies!


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