Life Lately

I had an amazing birthday and really cleaned up nicely with a new mountain bike, a new purse, a huge bag with Michigan printed in words, and top of the line headphones. I definitely won't be annoying anyone sitting next to us on the plane by blasting them out with music or movies! I went to the farmers marker in Little Italy this weekend and can't wait to go back soon. The infused sea salt at the salt farm has rocked my world. I need to get my hands on some of the big sized bottles!
This past week I have been on an organizing and cleaning frenzy! Most of my spare time has been dedicated to cleaning out my drawers, baskets, and boxes. I love thinning out and am pushing myself to become more and more minimalist. I still have nice things and love quality but I am trying to own less. Right now I am debating dumping all of my DVDs. I currently own about 50 (down from about 150!) but haven't watched any of them in over a year. I am a serious movie buff so this is a huge decision for me. I hate moving and hate clutter and even though my collection is hidden I find myself I need these??
How often do you watch your DVDs?



  1. glad you had a great birthday! i got rid of my dvd player and surround sound in my last clean out. hadn't used them in a year. now wishing i didn't get rid of it. but i really like cleaning everything out. it's oddly one of my favorite things to do!

  2. I have the same DVD problem!! I love love love my movies, but they take up so much room. Plus I have big move coming up in which they won't even work in the country I'm going to. What to do, what to do...

  3. Perhaps consider ditching the cases and putting your movies in a DVD book. I did that with my CDs and it's wonderful. Now the case just sits nicely on a shelf rather than having a huge CD case tower somewhere. Plus, they are portable!


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