January Recap

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^Jeff and I on NYE!

It feels so strange to be in this space typing again! I've put a lot of pressure on myself to only create unique content for this blog and it made me hate blogging. I started this space as a creative outlet and decided I don't give a rats you know what if I lose followers or if no one comments. I'm going to write about what I feel like whether it's "unique" or not. January started off with the flu for me and lasted from start to finish about eight days. I've never had a flu shot mostly because it seemed like the people who got the flu shots were the ones who got sick! Anyone else feel like that? I will definitely be getting one next year though. I challenged myself to a "no spend January" where I would only buy things I truly needed (or gifts!). I can't say I passed but I definitely did a lot of cutting back and that felt good. My passion these days definitely lies in cooking. I LOVE trying new recipes and can sincerely say I've made about fifty percent of the pinned recipes on my Eat + Drink board. I'm considering a new blog series where I review recipes I've made. I got a 50 mm lens for Christmas and using it to take pictures of my masterpieces makes me happy. These Buffalo Cauliflower Bites were AMAZING. Perfect for a Saturday late lunch side. I know I wanted to share my decorating updates in our new space but I can't say there's been much progress. We have a beer themed kitchen and I recently added this print to it. Jeff and I are big craft beer snobs and since he already had a light up Green Flash neon sign and a Guinness mirror it made sense for us. I'm trying to be really intentional with our decorating because I like change but I've recently become quite cheap and don't like spending money on things that don't have long term value (experiences come first).  Anyways, long story short, decorating is going to take us a long time. I'd love to add this patio set from Target soon though. We're having a warm winter and I want to drink coffee outside in the mornings! I usually set goals every month and have debated sharing them here as well to help me keep myself accountable. I've decided to this month to see how it goes.

February Goals:
+Watch the entire second season of House of Cards ;)
+Go to the gym twice a week
+Bring my lunch 4 times a week
+Find an easy alternative and healthier side dish for my lunch (no chips!)
+Do my taxes
+Get my oil changed
+Get a smog check & pay my car registration early!
+Finish the photography tutorial I purchased
+Find a healthier salad dressing to use instead of Ranch
+Continue to avoid cheese and limit dairy intake
+Go to an Aztecs game
+Buy myself flowers at Trader Joes
+Bake Jeff something delicious for Valentines Day
+Continue to plug phone in, set alarm and not touch it after dinner M-F!
+Do something nice for someone who won't expect it

What're your February goals? How have you been?


  1. Welcome backkkk :) I've been super delinquent as well. Hoping that a move across the world will give me more material ;) That's an excellent picture of y'all, you sexy thangs

  2. Don't fret. I always love your posts! Especially your simplifying ones :) One suggestion for your lunch instead of chips--try veggie straws! I get them at Whole Foods and love them!

  3. Looks like you have some great goals!! I have a few, but so far they don't seem to be getting done and it's only making me feel anxious! I always feel like those who get the flu shot get sick, too!! I have only had a really bad case of the flu once in the past decade and it was really bad, so I should keep that in mind! Maybe when flu shot recipients get the flu it's just not nearly as bad? Idk, but I'm glad you've recovered!! :)


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