Up North

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Over Thanksgiving we went up to Sea Ranch, California. It's about three hours north of San Francisco and is a tiny, tiny, remote community with stunning coastal views, unique architecture, quaint small businesses, and plenty of scenic outdoor activities for every fitness level. We went kayaking in one of the local rivers and even though we ended up a little wet in freezing weather it was a blast. It was probably my favorite thing we did there...I liked it even more than the delicious Thanksgiving feast we had! ;)

What did you do for Thanksgiving?


  1. so Sea Ranch is the closet "big town" to the town where my grandmother lives … which probably tells you something about how small her town is :)

  2. Gaaaah why is Cali so gorgeous???

  3. I kind of can't believe I wasn't invited. Come to Disney with us!! You have 11 days to book your ticket. Couch is free. You know you want to ;) Haha

  4. looks so pretty! i want to go kayaking!!!

  5. I think I drove through there once when I was coming back from Crescent City!


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