4 years!

Happy Anniversary to my boo! I can't believe it's been 4 years! Where does the time go!? We're celebrating at Disneyland this weekend. I haven't been in 5+ years and can't wait for a new adventure there! What's your favorite ride? Any favorite restaurants?


  1. You guys better take some pictures with Cinderella or Brielle will be so disappointed in you! :)

  2. Happy anniversary!! Oooo girl, if you need any Disneyland advice, just ask! Haha! If you're planning on seeing World of Color at California Adventure, I highly recommend splurging on dinner at Ariel's Grotto (get reservations in advance). If there are 2 World of Color shows, try to make your reservation during the first one because you can kind of see the show from some points of the restaurant and then they give you a pass for reserved seating for the second show. The food is great and I especially love that it's all pre fixe so it includes appetizers, entree and (the best) dessert (platter ever). LOL! Or try to get reservations at the Blue Bayou if you've never been. I'm so excited for you! Maybe I'll even see you there because I think I might be going Saturday night or Sunday.

  3. Highly agree with splurging on a dinner for the World of Color, though personally, I like the dinner at Wine Country Trattoria better, but it's really a matter of food preference. The Carthay Circle restaurant is also awesome and has a World of Color dining option, but it's a bit more expensive than the other choices. Every day at 10:30, Carthay Circle does a tour of the place sharing some Disney history. Plus, it's got an nice lounge/bar, if you find yourself wanting to escape to a more "grown-up" setting one evening.

    Other recommendations...oof, this is hard. I'd be at Disneyland/California Adventure every day if I could! Another fun non-ride experience is going to the drawing workshop in the Animation Building at CA. It's a 20 minute class and they teach you how to draw a Disney character. If you a need a break for your feet, it's a nice spot to do it - plus, you're still doing something Disney-y (as opposed to just sitting on a bench).

    Have an AMAZING time, and Happy Anniversary!

  4. congrats!! Hope y'all have a great weekend :) Indiana Jones is my favorite ride!!}


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