The "Not a Gift Guide" Gift Guide

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Bird Paperweight | Faux Fur Throws | Jewelry Box | Jewelry Branch

I'll be honest. I think the whole blogger holiday gift guide series has gotten out of control. First, it shows how extremely out of touch women bloggers are with men and second, most of you have an idea of what to get your loved ones! You know what they truly need, what they will use, and those subtle hints you've been picking up on. I've seen a very, very, small handful of spot on gift guides this year (Joanna always has unique ideas). The hardest people to shop for are the ones who truly don't want anything and the ones who have everything. I think consumables (think wine, cheese, salsa of the month clubs) and experiences (think fancy movie theater, southwest airlines, and kayaking gift certificates) are always a good route to go. So while the above isn't a gift guide, it's a collection of things I love from one of my favorite stores....and if you know someone who has everything and thinks gift cards are lame, I think the above items are fabulous. What're you getting loved ones this holiday season?


  1. I couldn't agree with you more :)

    A lot of the gift guides I've seen so far are cute, but I didn't really need any direction to buy stuff for the people I'm closest to. They've either gave me a list to go off of, or I've gotten enough hints dropped in conversation or while we're out shopping together.

  2. all the guy gift guides crack me up. i am tempted to do a "what your guy actually wants" gift guide. you know, with go-pros and stuff from REI. because let's face it, my guy doesn't want jcrew, he wants new rock climbing shoes or bike parts.
    i really want that fur blanket. except that it's dry clean only, that's just not going to happen.

  3. Agreeeeeeed!! Now you have me thinking about this salsa of the month business...


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