Hi + Thankful

Well, I've fallen off the face of the earth, haven't I? Consistent blogging has not been my forte this year, I'll admit it. However, this year has been full of accomplishments! (Accomplishments that took a lot of planning, a lot of sweat, and a lot of tears but nothing worth having is easy, yeah?) I graduated college while working full time the past three years. I went on a European vacation with my boo and visited two places I've often dreamt of. Hey England, let me live there! And recently, Jeff and I moved in to a new apartment together! We have both been waiting this year for several things to fall into place before we moved in together. Some of those things happened (no more college! woohoo!) but some of them didn't (yet). A really awesome place fell into our laps and we decided to just do it. Life isn't always going to go exactly how you planned it and you can't always wait for everything to be perfect.

Anyhow, the past few weeks have been a lot of work with packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking, decorating (plus many conversations about different decorating styles), buying new stuff, building new stuff, and adjusting to my new domestic duties like grocery shopping and cooking dinner. So if you've wondered where I've been....that's where! I hope to do a house tour in a few months after we get it where we want to be. Both of us have strong decorating opinions and there's been a looooot of thought put into what we've purchased, what we already had, and how we've added things to our apartment. All while trying to keep it simple.

 photo 95729047ab915e71121fdde99b2afca9_zpsf2c3c0a2.jpg

This month I've tried to make a conscious effort to be more grateful. Not just content, but the physical act of acknowledging the many blessings in my life. So here I go....I'm so thankful for my family, my grandparents, Jeffrey (who builds new furniture, takes out the trash, does the dishes, moved 75% of our stuff.....and did all of that without complaints), my family fantasy football league, a running and working car, close friends and their ears to lend and shoulders to lean on, a paying job, a clean home with working appliances, my new Yankee candle, being able to give $10 to a man in need without hesitation, and the few loyal readers I have who love my run on sentences! ;)

I hope you all enjoy the company of your loved ones this week and savor the simple things! I'll be back next week with a few new posts.


  1. Glad to see you're back. I was wondering about you! Sounds like you have had an exciting time. I'm working on being more thankful too, instead of taking things for granted.

  2. you have been so busy! i can't wait to see the new place!!

  3. Life gets crazy! I took months off after I had my daughter...it happens. I'm excited to see how you decorate! Welcome back!!

  4. Yay!! Congrats on finishing school!! And your new place together! Very happy for you :)


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