Simplified Closet-Bottoms

I'm a tad obsessed with building the perfect simplified closet. I'm no where close to where I want to be with my basics and wardrobe but you gotta start somewhere right!? I've never really had any direction with my style. I went through a surfer/skater girl stage in middle school, an Abercrombie stage in high school, followed by a trend-based style where I tried whatever was popular. A few years ago, one of my former co-workers once told me I dressed like I was in Miami. Needless to say, I had no idea how to respond to that. What does that even mean?? Well, I looked at my wardrobe and I guess she was somewhat right. I just had bright colors and patterns EVERYWHERE. Bright colors and patterns sure are fun but they don't make for a lot of use or longevity. Neither do super trendy clothes. So here I am about 15 years after I started caring about what I wear and am ready to tackle a simplified intentional closet that gets the most out of my dollar! I'm totally okay with spending money on quality clothes in classic colors that I can wear and use for years. Note to self, your first designer bag that you bought in kelly green five years ago sure was cute but after a year it sat in your closet....forever.

Anyhow, I'm starting a new Simplified Closet series which is a way for me to help define what I'd like in my closet and where I'm at. It's a mesh between classic American prep and Parisian glamour chic. I mean those ladies know how to make the most out of basics! The key is to be extremely picky about quality, fit, and use. Once you find that can't-eat can't-sleep until I have it item you'll know it belongs in your closet. It will probably take a lot of searching but it will be worth it! I'm not even going to  touch office wear so beware. I can whatever I want to work (even an oversized sweatshirt is acceptable) so the whole dressy office thing is out of my league for right now. I'd love to h ear your advice on what's a need and what you can live without as I go through each post. Let's start with bottoms.

 photo _8054938_zps6ddb242d.jpg  photo _8126223_zpsa80deb5f.jpg  photo 0433_8518_896_of_zps7c882dc9.jpg  photo _7282145_zps4440699d.jpg  photo _8211280_zpsb2b62f0a.jpg  photo _8168494_zpsa4418f43.jpg  photo 13578_WT0103_zps494c6b92.jpg  photo 13400_DM0493_m_zps0c8fa5a7.jpg  photo 03394_BK0001_zps57a5d1eb.jpg  photo 92431_KS6147_m_zps3e34bc53.jpg  photo 03808_WT0067_zps8fc2db40.jpg

I'm obsessed with these zella leggings. They are SO worth the money and I am SO happy I pulled the trigger. They're the perfect plane pant, running errands pant, lounge gear, and you can even wear them to work out in...ha! I even know people who have worn them to work under dresses. I think four pair of quality, extremely flattering jeans should cut it. Plus a pair of black skinnies to dress up for night. The idea is to get the most out of your clothes, which means more closet space, a visually appealing closet, no question on what to wear, and less laundry. Skinny jeans are great for boots, heels, or flats. I love straight leg jeans because they're flattering on EVERYBODY and you can roll them up into capris for a boyfriend jean look. Bootcuts are classic and a great alternative to skinny jeans. I love skirts but I rarely wear them. However, a black and striped navy skirt should match with about everything and work for multiple occasions. Dress down the black with a chambray top! And finally I added some summer additions. I can't buy expensive white anything because I WILL absolutely get something on it. I owned two pair of $20 white shorts this summer but I wore them probably 20 times each. I love white jeans. They're so sexy and fun for spring and summer nights. Everyone needs a cut off jean that you can wear to family outings and something you can bend over in.

Where I'm at: I don't have flattering white jeans and of course I won about 8 pair of jeans right now and 4 I don't love the fit. Once I slowly add more amazing jeans to my closet I can get rid of a few. I wear jeans to work though so 4-6 pair is probably about right for me. I've yet to find the perfect jean short and black skirt. I may try that jcrew one and if it fits....hope for a sale!

I can't think of anything else that is a true NEED or super resourceful with multiple uses. 
Can you? What's on your basic bottoms list?


  1. I invested in my first-ever striped black and white maxi skirt from the Gap over the summer and I LIVED in it. It was so comfortable with a simple t-shirt and sandals. It's super easy to dress up with fun jewelry and I'm kind of kicking myself for not buying it in another color. Next summer, right? :)

    I'm like you right now--really trying to evaluate my jeans situation. It's incredibly difficult for me! I have way too many, and some that I truly only wear with one particular pair of shoes...which really is just silly and taking up too much space in my dresser. I need to weedle them down and be cutthroat! Believe it or not, I've had great luck at Old Navy lately...nice and cheap and fit like a glove!

  2. I love this series you're doing! I have the most insanely chaotic closet ever and I can't seem to part with anything because I'm crazy. I think if I reach and maintain my goal weight and need to buy new clothes I might take your lead though. It just sounds so refreshing eliminating so much!!

  3. have you tried the new gap jeans? i am obsessed. i own four pairs.
    i think everyone should own the perfect pair of skinny/straight jeans, a pair of bootcut jeans, a nice pair of pants, a fun pair of pants/jeans, a neutral skirt (mine is navy), a fun pattern skirt, leggings (love the jcrew pixie pants), and a pair of shorts.

  4. Since I work in an office that does have a dress code (blah), a pair of black slacks and a black pencil skirt are my musts. Honestly I could make due with just those! Bottoms are less noticeable than tops in my opinion so they do more wardrobe legwork (ha, see what I did there?). Also you're welcome for convincing you on the Zella leggings. Or did you convince me? See I don't even know.

  5. I currently hate allll my clothes, so I need to get on board with this simplified closet!

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