A birthday list

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I must be turning 27 or something soon because my birthday list contains very few things. Perhaps it's the new minimalist in me, but I narrowed my list to real wants that I will actually (gasp!) get use of. That list also includes one old lady back massager and a kitchen item. Yep, I'm getting old. I would also love a crate & barrel, amazon or sephora gift card! Am I missing anything on my list?


  1. looks like a good list to me!!! and that camera bag is anything but old lady-ish.. you would rock that, girl!

  2. i like this list! the camera bag is really cool! my next birthday list will have one thing on it: gold flatware.

  3. Watts up is one of my favs!!!


  4. I think every time you make a list of things you want, I learn new things that I want that I never knew about hahah! ;) Are you registered at Sephora for their birthday gift? Because I got a mini Watts Up + Benefit's They're Real mascara for freeeee (back in January, but I think they keep the same gift all year). Get on it if you're not already! And happy early birthday!


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