Sandals for Summer.

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    Nude Leather Thong |  Birkenstocks | Metallic Wedge | Animal Print Wedge

It's not much of a shock here, but I'm a big fan of neutrals. I won't spend much money on bright colors because I just don't get the price per wear that I strive for when making wardrobe purchases. You should definitely considering investing in a classic flat sandal that matches with anything and a low wedge with a little jazz. Your closet will thank you.

Summer Dresses Needed

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         photo _9150896_zps53ff367b.jpg  photo A5263_BK0001_zps8a8ea376.jpeg
White Eyelet Dress | Button-Front Denim Dress | Striped Maxi Dress | Scalloped Cami Dress

If I could wear these yoga pants and a dress every day for the rest of my life I'd be pretty happy. I have four summer dresses in my closet that I honestly love (the rest need to go but my closet is bare as is!) and I wear them 1-2 times a week each. I wish they weren't patterned because I get sick of them. I want a few new dresses for summer in more neutral colors so I won't feel like such a blatantly obvious repeat offender ;)

What're your summer staples?